November 30, 2009


Cranberry scones, silver tea pots, liquor drenched pancakes and my Gamma Gamma ladies equals a new family tradition I've come to enjoy.

Yesterday all the wonderful girls in my family (cousins, mothers, aunts, second cousins and a little one on the day) headed to The Royal York Hotel for Sunday High Tea. The stunning ceiling high tree and the beautiful old clock in the entrance made me want to watch Titanic (you know when Leo stands at the top of the steps where he waits for Rose looking all dapper and polished?) and start to wrap Christmas gifts.

Even with my huge workload I wouldn't dare miss high tea with my Gamma Gammas. After a rough week I finally began to feel my cheery self coming back. I guess I can't resist the glitz and the glam of The Royal York- and a cream filled pastry. 


Lastly, today at school my fellow namesake-italian-twitterphenom Apetrigs brought me a delectable new tea to try. The name was enough to get my excited. She brought me one tea bag of dulce & banana (cute eh?) from DAVIDsTEA.
DAVIDsTea is sold through its online stores and at various retailers in Canada, selectively in Toronto. Amanda knows I live in the suburbs so she has my back. Nothing makes me happier than a good cup of tea (the smell of this tea is incredible) and a good friend. Well, Amanda also knows about the stock market and can trade stories about our nonnas. I know you want one- but find your own Amanda!

I say go start some traditions with the wonderful ladies in your life!



  1. Im jealous. I wish we did this! I love tea so much, you dont even know. I'll have to send some of may favourite Polish tea over for you.

  2. Oooh so nice!

    le lain, come on, we have SO many traditions! All our tv nights, Craft Mondays...ok, i know you're jealous about the tea bit, i just wanted to point out how traditional we are too.

    i promise to make you tea next craft monday. any kind you want.

    amanda you MUST try her polish tea, so good. and i'm not much of a tea person.

  3. I would love to try this polish tea you talk about! I'm always on the look out for new teas.