November 24, 2009


In one sitting I read About Alice.

I went to my public library today and checked out two books. I haven't read anything lately just to read. Internet reading does not count. School gets in the way and with 14 assignments due in 19 days I really shouldn't be reading for leisure.

Oh and the book is only 78 pages so i'm not a super speed reader or anything.

Anyways, Calvin Trillen's About Alice is a sort-of biography, memoir for his wife. The book focuses on Alice's life from the eyes of her husband. She sadly died of heart failure in her late fifties due to radiation damage to her heart from her treatment for lung cancer back in the seventies.

The book isn't about death though. It is about this one man's love and admiration for his wife. By the end of the book you wish you knew Alice. The way she viewed the world, the way she contributed to life both through her various works and through helping other people who were battling illness. Trillin wrote for The New Yorker and most of his pieces were either about his wife or for her. She was his muse. After reading you hope someone will view you the way Calvin viewed Alice from the moment he met her.

That's how it should be.

I don't want to give too much away and I'm not a book reviewer but if you're looking for a heartfelt quick read check it out.

Review of the second book I picked up to come. I really should do some homework.