October 28, 2009


The highlight of TVFU was hearing fashion designer, one woman extraordinaire Diane von Furstenberg speak. She is an inspirational, strong woman who believes in the power and strength of all women. She is involved in philanthropy and is the President of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America)

Here are my highlights from her presentation.

"Most fairytales end with a girl marrying a prince, my story started like that," says DVF as she shows a vintage photo of her wedding day.

She continues, "I believe women should have children but have a career and identity outside the home." 

She went through a slideshow presentation of vintage photos of her life- from the start of her career and the ever so famous wrap dress to her trials and tribulations in the beauty and fashion world. She explains, "I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to be." DVF stressed the importance of finding something you like to do in life, and giving it your all.


My favourite quote from her is as follows: "Remember, the woman across the room who looks like she's so confident and put together is looking at you, and to her you are the woman across the room."

I'm inspired. Now I just have to take some of her great advice, and put it to paper.


  1. honestly...that last quote is the truest thing ever

  2. she's pretty much a hot bitch. you're so lucky you got to see and hear her in the flesh! **jealous**