October 13, 2009

Stuck in Suburbia

Regression |riˈgre sh ən|
• a return to an earlier stage of life or a supposed previous life

Living away from home as a student for the past four years was a significant time in my life. I learned independence, self reliance, and enjoyed my little taste of freedom. Currently, my housemates go by Mom, Pops and little sis. 

The Good
Home cooked meals-
My parents are great cooks. Maybe it’s because we’re Italian. All I know is my old diet of rice and vegetables does not beat coming home after a long day to a healthy, complete meal with all the trimmings.
The amenities- I live rent free with internet, phone, cable, groceries and laundry included. If something breaks down, it doesn’t take a week to fix. I’m never freezing, or sweating or living with dust bunnies.
Warm and Fuzzies- I come home to that cozy, homey, welcoming atmosphere that only your original home has. Maybe it’s the smell. Maybe it’s my Mom forcing me to hug her while I protest. Home is just home.

The Bad
I can’t find a single thing- when you live with friends, no one touches your stuff.  In my house, my clothes are constantly under my sister’s bed, or in her car. My mom moves EVERYTHING. Anything left on a counter space is fair game to be moved to an obscure location never to be found again!
Lights out- Not like a curfew or anything, but my family gets to bed at an early hour. The house just shuts down. In university, there is always someone to talk to, eat with, drag out, or gossip with at all hours of the night!
Killing the Environment- You have to drive everywhere. Oh suburbia. How boring art thou. People do not come outside unless to walk their dogs. Sadly, I now use my puppy as an excuse to go for a walk. I nod, half smile and discuss the weather with my other suburban pet owners.
The Riddler- There is a constant inquisition into my life. “Where are you going? Who are you going with? What do you want for dinner? What time are you coming home? Do you have a key? What are your plans for tomorrow? This does not go over well early in the morning. BEWARE!

The Compromise
Right now home works for me. With my busy schedule, and heavy workload, it is nice to have people who care so much about my well being. I am very grateful to whoever puts up with my grumpy pants in the morning. So Monday to Friday living at home is great. However, when the weekend comes around, I yearn to live with people my age and be two steps away from the downtown action. I do miss city life, even small town city life.

But I know those days will come again. For now I’ll have to settle for homemade pasta sauce and never being able to find my stuff.


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