October 1, 2009


Who: Stefania Sgambelluri
What: Photographer
Why: Because she is a talented, fantastic female photographer, who also took the photo for my blog logo.

Q: Tell me about your studio and the services you provide?

S.S: “I share a studio with 3 photographers called Hermann & Audrey. We are all fashion and portrait photographers. As a photographer, Photoshop is one of the most important things to know-right after your camera and subject.”

Q: What is the greatest aspect of your job?

S.S: “Meeting new people everyday. I always try to get their character to show through the photo, and when I accomplish that, I always say to myself that I love what I do and that I'm very lucky to do it everyday.”

Q: Advice for young aspiring photographers?

S.S: “Never fall in love with your photos. Shoot something amazing, put it aside, move on to your next idea and try to make it better than your last shoot.”

Q: Favourite photographer?

S.S: “Diane Arbus. Her work inspired me to shoot people that aren't usually in front of the camera.”

Check out Stefania’s photography on her website:, and try to find the full-length photo of my logo!