October 9, 2009


Today, somehow me and a friend got to chatting about love triangles. Neither of us are experts on the topic, but Seth Cohen on the other hand does have some wise words:

Seth: "Speaking from a recent personal experience the triangle is not a friendly shape, okay? It's pointy, it's got sharp edges. Triangles hurt people."

What are your thoughts on love trianges?



  1. Triangles are pointy and sharp - more often than not they are significantly more dangerous to play with, they don't roll well, and are the main architectural symbol of a failed civilization built on slavery and glutton.

    I'd say I'm all for 'em.

  2. haha, they could be fun or dangerous depending on if you are a "point" or an "edge"

  3. triangles are bad...but squares are worse! trust me on this one

  4. to put a math persepective on this (cause after all I'm a math guy)it really depends on the "type" of triangle you're in. If you're an equilateral triangle then all is fair because all your sides are equal!so it doesn't really matter which point you are. However, if you fall into a scalene or isosceles triangle then you're getting SHAFTED BIG TIME! because all the sides are not the same and the angles are all outta whack! and THEN there's some serious DRAMA. Sooooo moral of the story? know your triangles!

  5. they are romantic in films and impossibly heartbreaking in reality. i wouldn't want to be in one. ever (again). no matter the size or shape of the triangle.

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