October 21, 2009


So this lady comes into my class today and starts yammering on about copyright laws and social media. While I tried to tune her out, I'm now all freaked out and a little bit confused about what I can actually post on this thing.

I have purely honest intentions [insert sweet, innocent Puss in Boots] You see i'd put a photo up, but I don't want Dreamworks Animation suing me.  

So while I was quite annoyed at this lady (it was also wayyy too early in the morning) I decided to pay attention.

So while my blog doesn't look as spicy as before- stick with me and you'll start seeing my amateur photography skills. I will also try to pull my images that can be legally shared and credit my sources. And I do hope you guys are enjoying my writing not just the pretty pictures!

Sorry for the technical post- fun stuff to come!