October 6, 2009

How to Avoid a Meltdown in a Traffic Jam

When heading into a big city, I prefer public transit. As long as I get a seat, I enjoy reading a book, or listening to my ipod, while someone else gets me to my destination.

With my current school and interning situation, public transit just isn’t feasible. I am forced to get in my batmobile, mom’s car and try to make it on time.

Today I was in a jam so bad that not only did I miss my first orientation session, but I nearly burst into tears until I noticed the creepy men staring at me in their pickup truck.

So here are my Top 5 Strategies to Avoid a Meltdown:
1.    Get Comfortable- loosen your tie, unbutton your pants, take off your watch, let your hair down. Note: try not to take off too many garments, because in a jam people can look right into your windows.
2.    Pick your tunes wisely- this is not the time for death metal, hip hop, or house music. Slow tunes, slow jams, classical, Spanish flute- anything to calm those nerves.
3.    Roll down the windows (weather permitting) or at least take the time to check out the view, or talk to your traffic jam neighbour. Maybe you’ll meet a friend. Maybe you’ll find a date for Saturday night. Who knows, it’s better than talking to yourself.
4.    Avoid turning the news on. All you’ll hear is people telling you to avoid the road your one. No shit, it’s too late for that.
5.    Smile. Just try it. Smiling to yourself may put you in the “crazy” category, but it will definitely make you feel better. If not, scream bloody murder? 

Whatever you do DON’T: cry, curse, rip your hair out, bang your head repeatedly on the steering wheel, or get out of your vehicle!

Happy Commuting!


  1. traffic is kind of the worst thing in the world. there really is nothing worse. i agree you should always remain calm, but sometimes, it really does help to just curse out loud and tell the other drivers what bad drivers they are. even if it's not their fault.

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