October 1, 2009


I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of my future & and fabulous readers! Here is a place you can come to get fashion, beauty, style, and life advice from an average twenty-something girl who hasn’t quite figured it out. 

I believe that we are all fantastic despite height, weight, or relationship status. As a Media Studies graduate, and current Public Relations student, I understand how the pressure of everyday life, and the media can both inspire, and bring us all down- GIRLS AND GUYS. While I am not 5’9, I do have respect and admiration for certain models (ahem Heidi Klum) and this is not a place to bash anyone!

Without running the risk of sounding like a cheesy Hallmark card- I believe if you are healthy, driven, and confident you can do just about anything. 

I want to hear from you throughout this process!

Can’t wait to get started! ☺


  1. Dear Amanda,

    Although we havent yet met, we have a pretty solid connection, and I too am a non-model who is often (very often to be honest) in the company of model-y type people.

    Your sister turned me on to your blog last night and today I read all the way through. Keep going!

    ps. I linked you. I hope that's cool.


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  3. Hi Amanda, I came across your blog this afternoon (Thailand, which would be your sleeping hours in Toronto). I have to say I really enjoyed your blog I couldn't stop hitting "older posts" hehe :) Thanks for your blog and please do not stop doing this. It's reassuring that we can all do anything if we're healthy. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

    Jittra :)


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