October 10, 2009


Grazie means Thank You in Italian.

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time for people (Canadians) to reflect on what they are grateful for. For me, Thanksgiving isn’t just a one-day event. I’m a firm believer in positive thinking. Yes, I’ve read The Secret. But it goes beyond that. I’ve noticed a common thread in most articles, or books about happiness. It seems that in order to be happy, you have to be grateful for what you have right now. It’s a simple concept that has been marketed, repackaged, and reworded; but it really does work.

Whenever my thoughts run rampant, I try my best to consciously stop and find something I’m grateful for. If I’m tired-I decide I’m thankful to have a bed to sleep in. If I’m bitchin’ about waking up early for school- I’m thankful for the chance to learn, and meet new people. It sounds trite, but it gives me a new perspective and changes my mood instantly.

I’m not trying to get all preachy and self righteous, because sometimes you just need to whine, moan and let it out. Trust me, I know. I just feel that giving thanks shouldn’t just be a yearly holiday.

So try it. Once you start you’ll realize you have way more than you ever imagined. 

Have a great long weekend!


  1. good post, i agree. i think we all feel the same but forget.

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